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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Hack-A-Day has some amazing articles, ideas, and projects.  This guide is not for the newbie, they have some complex instructions that are, at the very least, for electronics hobbyists.

That said, it looks great!  I’d love to make a small frame that can go on my desk or nightstand.

How-to: Digital picture frame, 100% DIY – Hack a Day.


Just found out about this software. It looks promising with it’s RSS reader and image slideshow.  Only problem that I can spot is it’s only for Windows and it isn’t free.

Digital Photo Frame/RSS Reader

Online News Screensaver RSS, ATOM, RDF, HTML, weather, stock quotes – rss screensaver description.

I started this site yesterday with the hopes that I would be able to work on my digital frame project while I share the information I find. Recently, I would find my iBook, which I call iFrame now, displaying the desktop. The terminal shows that there was a read/write error. I ignored it, chalking it up to the age of the laptop. I figured it was the hard drive, but didn’t really care.

I am now in the middle of saving my data off the hard drive. It finally failed today. This is Murphy’s Law. I just started this site and, of course, the laptop dies on me. Great.

There is actually nothing on that hard drive that I don’t already have on my external drive. The operating system, on the other hand, is not backed up. I like the setup I have and my hope is to run the iFrame off a spare flash drive until I can afford a new hard drive.

So, that’s what I am up to right now and hopefullly it works, otherwise I’ll have to reinstall it from scratch. If that happens, it’s not all that bad since I kept detailed notes on everything I did. It’s just tedious.

If you want to hear the hard drive for yourself, there is an audio clip on my site, I Am Juan.

I actually found a PDF that shows how to break down the iBook dual USB down the individual parts. I just can’t find it right now.

This post, though, is still very helpful for anyone else that wants to convert their old iBook to a digital frame.

Replacement of the hard disk from an ibook dual usb 500 MHz.

The method I’m using right now on my iBook is from this blog post.  I’m using Debian Linux, FEH, and a shared folder. On my PC, I have mapped the iBook’s shared folder to a drive letter and I simply drop the desired images.

FEH is pretty basic and easy to use – important for me since I have little Linux experience.  It does stop when it finds random Picasa files that copied over by accident but that’s my fault.  FEH does have some display options as well as some, well, I guess they’re called plugins, like unclutter – which removes the mouse from your screen.

Installing Linux can be a bit of a pain, but once it’s working – it really is fire and forget.  Occasional software updates aside, you will almost never have to break the slideshow (using a shared folder and uploading via Wi-Fi), ever.

Using Linux and FEH is probably the best way to show images in a local environment.  Don’t have wireless? Just upload via USB and you’re good to go.

In my research, I did find other scripts that allow you to get real fancy. Like overlay an RSS feed on top of your images. Or auto rotate images from those pesky orientation sensing cameras. I’ll pull them in as I find them.

I’ll go into Linux some more later, but if you’re already on it, give FEH a go. If anything, it will be your default image slideshow app while you find something that works better for you.

I’m working on another DPF for my mom. I’m using her old Dell Inspiron laptop that has a bad battery.

This Instructable was one of the first resources I found when I started this hobby.  It’s really good but a little advanced if you’re not familiar with the innards of a laptop.

I’ll be referring to this link a lot since he goes over his process in good detail.

Dell Laptop into Digital Photo Frame.

Why not? Repurpose an old laptop or computer to create a multifunction digital frame. Show your local weather, Flickr photos, play music streams, host your own internal server, and more – can your store bought digital frame do all of that?

I have an old iBook dual usb with a battery that lasts about 15 minutes but is still good enough to run Linux and play a slideshow. I even have it set up to stream music as well.

Actually, right now it only does the slideshow bit. But I am working on it.

That’s why I started this site, to keep my notes handy. Find other DIYers work and see how they do things.  Figure out which method of displaying images and other data is best for me.

It’s just a small project, but there is not a whole lot of dedicated sites that are kept current out there.

Please email me if you have questions – I’m still learning, but I’ll try my best to answer anything.