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Why not? Repurpose an old laptop or computer to create a multifunction digital frame. Show your local weather, Flickr photos, play music streams, host your own internal server, and more – can your store bought digital frame do all of that?

I have an old iBook dual usb with a battery that lasts about 15 minutes but is still good enough to run Linux and play a slideshow. I even have it set up to stream music as well.

Actually, right now it only does the slideshow bit. But I am working on it.

That’s why I started this site, to keep my notes handy. Find other DIYers work and see how they do things.  Figure out which method of displaying images and other data is best for me.

It’s just a small project, but there is not a whole lot of dedicated sites that are kept current out there.

Please email me if you have questions – I’m still learning, but I’ll try my best to answer anything.


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