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Part of my interest in DIY photo frames is the openess of the idea.  A computer can do many things but we usually use them only for Facebook and Amazon.

If we set aside a workstation and turn into a photo frame, other possibilited begin to open up.  Music server, web server, email server, and, of course, photo frame.  That’s why I like this post.  The writer explains how to configure his Debian install to his specific needs.

He mention Qiv, which I haven’t heard of but will research more.  It sounds like a possible replacement to FEH on my laptop.

My only concern is presentation.  I prefer clean and minimal.  The computer shown in the post could easily be hidden or maybe mounted to the screen itself. Mounting wouldn’t be very “clean” but a small PC sitting on a table is distracting anyway.

Then again, to each his own.  I’m open to new and different ways of DIYing a photo frame.

DIY: Digital Photo Frame on Linux at Black God.


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