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Speaking of desktop or wall mounted, I found this link to an easy to follow article on a wall mounted frame.  Wires go in your wall at the frame and come out near the floor.

This is the only way I would mount a frame on the wall, wires must be hidden.  Keep in mind that this is a fairly permanent solution; if you move it, there will be a nice gaping whole right at eye level.  It’s not that hard to cover it up with another frame, but, still, something to think about.

The writer used Irfanview, a great simple photo editor and slideshow software, to run the photo slideshow.  He also remotes to the laptop using the built in windows tool and a shared folder over his network.

Oh yea, the frame itself is obviously not a self contained computer. It’s actually just an older monitor mounted to a frame.  This helps tremendously with heat since there is no motherboard or CPU.  This also makes repairs or upgrades to the PC less of a hassle since you don’t have to take down and open up your frame.

Very clean install and a seamless software solution, great solution overall.

Wall Mounted DIY Digital Photo Frame | Shuttertalk.


Really good post on using an old P3 PC to build a DIY photo frame.  The writer’s method for building his mother’s unit is a Flickr slideshow script called Slickr.  There’s link to the software and easy to follow directions.  My biggest concern is heat, as usual, but, as he explains, punched holes in the foamcore to help with that.

The polished frame looks really nice. I’ve always thought of mounting mine to a wall, but the power cable dangling down the wall is discouraging.  I think the preferred use for many DPF’s is on a table top.

The DIY Digital Photo Frame | Popular Science.

Hack-A-Day has some amazing articles, ideas, and projects.  This guide is not for the newbie, they have some complex instructions that are, at the very least, for electronics hobbyists.

That said, it looks great!  I’d love to make a small frame that can go on my desk or nightstand.

How-to: Digital picture frame, 100% DIY – Hack a Day.

Just found out about this software. It looks promising with it’s RSS reader and image slideshow.  Only problem that I can spot is it’s only for Windows and it isn’t free.

Digital Photo Frame/RSS Reader

Online News Screensaver RSS, ATOM, RDF, HTML, weather, stock quotes – rss screensaver description.

I actually found a PDF that shows how to break down the iBook dual USB down the individual parts. I just can’t find it right now.

This post, though, is still very helpful for anyone else that wants to convert their old iBook to a digital frame.

Replacement of the hard disk from an ibook dual usb 500 MHz.

I’m working on another DPF for my mom. I’m using her old Dell Inspiron laptop that has a bad battery.

This Instructable was one of the first resources I found when I started this hobby.  It’s really good but a little advanced if you’re not familiar with the innards of a laptop.

I’ll be referring to this link a lot since he goes over his process in good detail.

Dell Laptop into Digital Photo Frame.