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I’m working on another DPF for my mom. I’m using her old Dell Inspiron laptop that has a bad battery.

This Instructable was one of the first resources I found when I started this hobby. ¬†It’s really good but a little advanced if you’re not familiar with the innards of a laptop.

I’ll be referring to this link a lot since he goes over his process in good detail.

Dell Laptop into Digital Photo Frame.


Why not? Repurpose an old laptop or computer to create a multifunction digital frame. Show your local weather, Flickr photos, play music streams, host your own internal server, and more – can your store bought digital frame do all of that?

I have an old iBook dual usb with a battery that lasts about 15 minutes but is still good enough to run Linux and play a slideshow. I even have it set up to stream music as well.

Actually, right now it only does the slideshow bit. But I am working on it.

That’s why I started this site, to keep my notes handy. Find other DIYers work and see how they do things. ¬†Figure out which method of displaying images and other data is best for me.

It’s just a small project, but there is not a whole lot of dedicated sites that are kept current out there.

Please email me if you have questions – I’m still learning, but I’ll try my best to answer anything.