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I started this site yesterday with the hopes that I would be able to work on my digital frame project while I share the information I find. Recently, I would find my iBook, which I call iFrame now, displaying the desktop. The terminal shows that there was a read/write error. I ignored it, chalking it up to the age of the laptop. I figured it was the hard drive, but didn’t really care.

I am now in the middle of saving my data off the hard drive. It finally failed today. This is Murphy’s Law. I just started this site and, of course, the laptop dies on me. Great.

There is actually nothing on that hard drive that I don’t already have on my external drive. The operating system, on the other hand, is not backed up. I like the setup I have and my hope is to run the iFrame off a spare flash drive until I can afford a new hard drive.

So, that’s what I am up to right now and hopefullly it works, otherwise I’ll have to reinstall it from scratch. If that happens, it’s not all that bad since I kept detailed notes on everything I did. It’s just tedious.

If you want to hear the hard drive for yourself, there is an audio clip on my site, I Am Juan.


I actually found a PDF that shows how to break down the iBook dual USB down the individual parts. I just can’t find it right now.

This post, though, is still very helpful for anyone else that wants to convert their old iBook to a digital frame.

Replacement of the hard disk from an ibook dual usb 500 MHz.